Auto Hail Repair – Restore the Condition of Car Bodywork Fast

Any vehicle parked in an uncovered location is susceptible to hail damage. When a storm hits while on the road, it can also take just seconds for dents and dings to appear. Thankfully our North Carolina auto hail repair service can restore vehicle bodywork fast.

How Auto Hail Repair Works

While rare, intense storm fronts can result in golf ball size hail that hits exposed vehicle bodywork at high velocity.

When ice impacts a vehicle, the force produces unsightly dents. In some cases, falling ice may also shatter car windscreens. Thankfully, First Choice Paintless Dent Repair can repair most dents quickly.

  • Using visual light board inspection equipment, we inspect the top and reverse side of dents caused by hail damage.
  • After measuring dents, we begin carefully applying pressure that massages affected areas and gradually smooths bodywork surfaces.
  • At no point do we apply epoxy fillers or new paint to hide dents.

Because we never hide dents using epoxy fillers, our auto hail repair service does not affect your vehicle warranty. As a result, our process helps retain vehicle resale values, by restoring the original aesthetic of your vehicle.

Hail Damage Car Repair Cost and Recovery Times

Every auto hail repair project is slightly different. Large dents will often take longer to correct than minor dings. In most cases, though, we can restore individual dents in less than 24-hours. Depending on their size, dents will usually cost $40 to $80 to repair.

Catastrophic Hail Auto Repair

In rare cases, vehicles can be struck multiple times by oversized hail. This can result in several dents and dings. Thankfully, we can help vehicle owners restore the aesthetic of even severely dented car metalwork. In every case, though, we will need to first visually assess any damage before we can offer a quote and estimated project turnaround time.

Is Paintless Dent Repair Possible with All Car Body Dents?

At First Choice Paintless Dent Repair, we can typically massage out 80% to 90% of dents in vehicle bodywork. It should be noted though, that it is not possible to apply our PDR dent repair process to dents that are similar in size to dents caused by major collisions.

In some cases, it may also not be possible to completely smooth dents in hard to reach areas or contoured bodywork areas like a car bumper. In every case, though, we will let you know whether or not we believe a perfect visual finish is possible.

I’ve Just Been Hit by Hail - What Do I Do Next?

If you have just been hit by hail or are in the midst of a storm, don’t panic. If you are on the road or your car is parked in an exposed area, try and move your vehicle to somewhere sheltered. Only do this, though, if it is safe for you to physically reach your vehicle.

When a storm has passed, assess your vehicle exterior for signs of damage. Make a note of where any dents are located and how large these are.

Contact Your Vehicle Insurer

Some car insurers cover the cost of auto hail repairs. However, many don’t. In both cases though, it is worth contacting your insurer to check just in case. When any damage caused by hail is covered, your insurer will help you start the claim process.

Get Hail Damage Properly Appraised

Where insurers do cover the cost of auto hail repair, they may request that damage is appraised by an approved party of their choosing.

At First Choice Paintless Dent Repair we can appraise damage for you. However, you will need to check if this is acceptable with your insurer.

Prepare for Auto Hail Repair by Cleaning Your Vehicle

At First Choice Paintless Dent Repair, we will need access to both the interior and exterior of your car when attending to dent repairs. For this reason, we ask that all vehicle owners clean vehicles prior to arriving at one of our repair centers. The cleaner your car, the faster we can get you back on the road.

Schedule Repair Work With Us

First Choice Paintless Dent Repair serve vehicle owners all across Marion, Lenoir, Swannnanoa, Hickory, and the surrounding area. To find your nearest PDR repair center, call or contact us to speak to one of our advisers.

During calls, we’ll schedule an auto hail repair appointment with your nearest repair center. Well also give you a free repair estimate and estimated repair turnaround time.

How Long Do Repairs Usually take?

Single dent repairs can usually be accomplished in less than 24-hours. However, exact repair times at First Choice Paintless Dent Repair can vary.

After storms, it is not unusual for us to massage out dents in several vehicles across North Carolina. This may see some repairs take up to 3-days. Repair turnaround times also vary in accordance with the severity of hail damage.

In every case, we will advise you on how long repairs will take when you schedule an appointment. It is also worth keeping in mind that even when repairs may take a little longer, we will typically still help you save at least 30% on the cost of a traditional dent repair work at other car bodyshops.

Get Your Auto Hail Repair Estimate

Has a storm resulted in unsightly dings in your car bodywork? If so, don’t let dents subtract from the visual look or resale value of your vehicle. Instead, call or contact First Choice Paintless Dent Repair today for a free auto hail repair estimate.